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Katana Children`s Second Harvest Season

"I bring water spinach and leek to my home that my family could cook and eat it. My parents are happy with these vegetables," told Sintaia happily.


Organic Vegetables for Education Saving

Now, Kamil and Timamo farming group still cultivate the land using organic technique. The vegetables are usually sold and for Kamil, he use sales revenue for education saving for his children.


Easy Way to Prepare Posyandu Tool

It is easy to make SKDN bar chart, and even it can be made from used resource and from resources that are easily found like carton paper, metallic paper, pencil, markers, cardboard boxes, scissors, and ruler.


Deki Wants to Be Like Robot that Will Help Many People

"I like to play robot. When I grow adult, I will be like robot, who will be helpful to many people," says Deki recently, showing his robot.


Would Rena Become a Doctor?

"I studies diligently so that I will become a doctor," Rena says.

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