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Mothers Now Care of Nutritious Food for Their Children

Many changes are found in Fatutasu village when SAHABAT program is introduced. One of them is the increasing participation of people in Additional Feeding (PMT) program.


The "Lost" Midwife Has Come Back to Our Village

In January 2014, Fatutasu villagers built a relationship with the government of village, sub-district, district and health sector like Posyandu cadres, SAHABAT cadres, and other public figures to respond on people's aspiration in regency level.


Wahana Visi Trains Peer Educator in Eruwok

"I am happy to take part in the socialization. I will continue to socialize to other peers in other schools. I will learn more so that I will be able to spread useful information to all children in Lanny Jaya district better," says Kelius


I Try and Is Successful, How About You?

My success in exclusively breastfeeding cannot be separated from my husband support. He fully supports our decision.


I Save My Money in SIPANDIK for My Future

"We save money for Sukirman's college tuition. Although we live in a hut but our children must continue their education, no matter what," Muhammad's wife said.

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