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The Battle Against Child Abuse in Indonesia`s Homes, Schools a Collective Effort

Jakarta Globe    |   Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thirteen-year old Tedi, a junior high school student in the village of Tobelo on the Maluku Island’s North Halmahera, could not help but notice the alarmingly common practice of physical abuse toward children happening within school areas, regardless the mistake made by its students.

"Why should children be victims of abuse?" he asked during an Inspiring Friends (SSI) workshop at the school aimed at raising awareness about child protection. The local institution has been a vocal advocate of the sensitive issue, providing consultation, organizing forums and educating the community on matters concerning the well-being of children.

Sekda Buka Festival Permainan Anak Baliem Dalam Rangka Hari Anak Nasional 2014    |   Selasa, 22 Juli 2014

Wamena (SP) – Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) Jayawijaya bekerjasama denganPemerintah Kabupaten Jayawijaya dan mitra-mitra lainnya membuka rangkaian kegiatan dalam rangka perayaan Hari Anak Nasional (HAN) 2014 yang di buka secara resmi oleh Sekda Kabupaten Jayawijaya yang salah satu kegiatan utama mereka adalah Festival Permainan Anak Baliem di halaman kantor Bupati Jayawijaya.

Bersekolah, Berjuang

Media Indonesia    |   Sunday, 20 July 2014

Ketika sekolah jadi barang mewah, mereka memperjuangkannya, secara fisik maupun tekad.


Viktor Nekur Sentil Peran Tokoh Agama    |   Minggu, 20 Juli 2014 13:30 WITA

POS KUPANG.COM, MAUMERE - Praktisi hukum  Viktor Nekur, SH menyentil peran tokoh agama, tokoh masyarakat, pemerintah dan DPRD terkait kasus kejahatan seksual yang kian marak di Kabupaten Sikka. Menurut Viktor, sepi nian gerakan pembelaan dari tokoh agama, tokoh masyarakat, pemerintah daerah dan wakil rakyat terhadap kejahatan seksual yang meresahkan masyarakat itu.

The Power of Community to Reduce Risk From Disasters

Jakarta Globe    |   Thursday, 17 July 2014

Indonesia's unique geographic character, environmental degradation, and climate change have increased the community's vulnerability to natural and human-made disasters.

The UN Global Assessment Report on Risk Reduction, which was released in 2013 by the UN's office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), mentions that direct losses from global natural disasters are at least 50 percent higher than reported figures.


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