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Transformational Development

Wahana Visi Indonesia believes that the best way to help a child is through their family and community. Therefore, at the heart of Wahana Visi Indonesia's transformational community development work are Area Development Programmes (ADPs). These are a comprehensive way to tackle poverty across extensive areas, usually involving several villages and communities. Wahana Visi Indonesia staff work with local people to plan and implement a programme that will last for up to 15 years, depending on the pace of change and capacities of local partners to sustain and expand improvements in quality of life.

Within Area Development Program as our approach, Wahana Visi Indonesia work with communities on a range of issues (education, health, food supplies etc.) to improve and sustain their quality of life.

When working with the communities, Wahana Visi Indonesia gives priority to helping them find ways to improve their futures, and especially focuses on the needs of children.

In order to raise long-term support, Wahana Visi Indonesia support child sponsors. Child sponsorship establishes a relationship between a donor and a single child in a way that personalises the challenges of community development.

Through sponsorship, donors see how their money is making a difference to the life of an individual child, family and their community.

Emergency Response

Wahana Visi Indonesia helps to save lives in many ways. One of the most effective ways is our emergency response. When there are emergency situations, Wahana Visi Indonesia is committed to respond swiftly and effectively to reduce the impact of humanitarian emergencies and save lives. Not only saving lives, but also Wahana Visi Indonesia is committed to long-term rehabilitation; we work with communities to mitigate disasters and to increase their ability to cope with future emergencies.


Advocacy is a ministry of influence. Advocacy is essentially the process of raising awareness about an issue, pointing our gaps in response to it and encouraging changes to be made to fill these gaps. It is about getting people fired up to make a difference.

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