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How can I help more?

Every year, Wahana Visi Indonesia commits to help an average of 9,000 children waiting for sponsorship. Aside from sponsoring a child, you can help more children by:

  1. Encouraging your family, friends and officemates to become Wahana Visi sponsor. Call (+62) 021.3907818 to request for extra brochures and other collaterals. We may also contact and explain the mechanics to them by giving us their contact details.
  2. Linking Wahana Visi Indonesia to your company for corporate partnership, either through Child Sponsorship or Sectoral  Projects on education, health and/ or livelihood.
  3. Should you request, our Acquisition Team would be glad to conduct presentation and prepare tie-up proposal for your company.
  4. Creating a Wahana Visi Indonesia link in your sites. (
  5. Endorsing Wahana Visi to be the beneficiary of your Alumni Association, church, company or even family gatherings and events.
  6. Giving extra donations to help other children under our care who are still waiting to be sponsored

How do I send my donation?

The easiest way to make your regular sponsorship pledges is to have them deducted automatically from your credit card. This method saves you time and effort and helps Wahana Visi Indonesia save more of your money for needy children.
You may choose to send your sponsorship pledges on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis whichever is most suitable and convenient for you.

Please call (+62) 021.3907818 to request and fill up the credit card authorization form. We assure you that your credit card information is secure with us. However, you may discontinue anytime by informing Wahana Visi Indonesia.




Please call (+62) 021.3907818 to request and fill up the credit card authorization form. We assure you that your credit card information is secure with us. However, you may discontinue anytime by informing Wahana Visi Indonesia.


What if I miss my pledge?

We understand that sometimes your budget gets a little tight, so let us know when there is a problem. If we do not hear from you, we will remind you through letter or by phone. We will, however, ensure that assistance to your sponsored child continues.

We depend on your regular sponsorship pledges to carry on our work with children and their communities. When a sponsor decides to cancel his/ her support, Wahana Visi Indonesia starts looking for another sponsor. Please do call our Donor Care Team so we can discuss other options for continuing child sponsorship.


How long will my sponsorship last?

Your sponsorship m ay last from several months up to several years depending on your circumstances and that of your sponsored child. Your sponsorship may conclude for the following reasons, but you and your sponsored child will treasure your newfound friendship for a lifetime:

I am self-sufficient!
In most cases, your sponsored child may finish school, begin to earn an income, is able to support himself/ herself – the start of a new and independent life.

My community has “graduated”
Our goal is to help the child, his/ her family and the community to break the cycle of poverty so they can look at the future with hope. When this goal has been achieved, Wahana Visi Indonesia can move to serve other children and communities that are in need of help.

I moved to a different community
Circumstances may arise when a child must leave the sponsorship program. This happens when a child’s family moves out of the community into an area where sponsorship is not available.

Each child’s situation is unique. No matter how long your sponsorship lasts. Your gift of love is sure to change your sponsored child’s life forever.

Should any of these circumstances occur, we will let you know and give you the opportunity to sponsor another child who needs your help.


How will I help the child, his/ her family and community?

By pooling together all sponsorship donations, children, families and communities enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to education, healthcare and values formation
  • Initiatives for child’s participation and protection
  • Leadership and livelihood trainings
  • Other community-based development interventions


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