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The #MDGs have inspired the most successful and international anti-poverty movement since records began #MDGMomentum


The future goals must reach the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children in the hardest to reach places on the planet #MDGMomentum


Lives saved. Generations changed. The end of poverty is possible. #MDGMomentum


The MDGs have delivered a little less conversation and a little more action #MDGMomentum #Changeispossible


‘If our minds can conceive it, and our hearts can believe it then we can achieve it' Jesse Jackson paraphrased #MDGMomentum #Progress


#MDGMomentum has meant that the future is in our hands - take a stand RT for all children


Every year a staggering 6.6 million children die from preventable causes - all before their fifth birthday #MDGMomentum


In 2013 4.4 million children died from treatable causes like pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria and newborn infections #MDGMomentum


Undernutrition is one of the leading reasons for these deaths - and is the underlying cause for 1/3 of all under5 child deaths #MDGMomentum


However progress is possible - in the last two decades the number of u5 deaths has fallen from 12.1mill to 6.3mill #MDGMomentum


Improved nutrition in the first 1,000 days between conception & the 2nd birthday can improve a child's chances of survival #MDGMomentum


Around 2.4 billion people - more than a third of the world's population - currently have no access to a basic health facility. #MDGMomentum


Children born into the poorest 20% of the population are almost twice as likely to die as those born in the richest 20% #MDGMomentum


8 of the 10 countries with the highest under-five child mortality rate are either affected by conflict, violence or unstable situations


Children who die from infectious diseases are the poorest & most vulnerable lacking access to good nutrition & cheap life-saving treatment


165 million children worldwide (1 in 4 of all children under 5) are stunted from undernutrition, preventing them from reaching their full potential.

Due to the commitment and efforts of the public and govts every day 14,000 fewer children due from preventable causes #MDGMomentum


Since 2000 two billion people have gained access to safe drinking water save millions of child lives #MDGMomentum


700 million have been freed from the grasp of income poverty #MDGMomentum


#DYK Children born in rural areas are at a greater risk of dying than children in urban areas #MDGMomentum


The under5 mortality rate is almost 3x higher for children born to uneducated mothers than those with a secondary education #MDGMomentum


A 5% improvement in child survival raises a country's economic growth by 1% per year over the next decade #Amazing #MDGMomentum


Currently two thirds of the world's children are registered at birth making it harder to reach those who need health support #MDGMomentum


More than 230 million children live life unknown and unseen, reaching these invisible children is key to continuing #MDGMomentum


Without birth registration, the right services and support cannot reach and serve all parts of the population #HardtoReach #MDGMomentum


Children w/out birth certificates can't reach health services yet only 2 in 3 have them #uncountedunreached #MDGMomentum


‘Children are paying the price for bad data' - new #worldvision report #MDGMomentum #Survive5


One in four children under five are stunted and 52 million suffer from wasting - more needs to be done continue the #MDGMomentum


1/3 of all under 5 child deaths are caused by undernutrition #Survive5 Take a stand #MDGMomentum


6 causes of <5 child deaths are preterm complications, pneumonia, newborn infections, diarrhoea, birth complications & malaria #MDGMomentum


Fact: Good nutrition leads to a greater resilience to diseases. #MDGMomentum

Since 1990 the global maternal mortality rate has fallen by almost half- but too many women are still dying #MDGMomentum


Women are powerful agents of development - their health is vital. Take a stand #MDGMomentum


Babies who aren't breastfed are 11 times more likely to die of diarrhoea than those who are exclusively breastfed


Putting children, families and communities at the heart of efforts to scale up nutrition. #WorldVisionsresponse #MDGMomentum


#WorldVision are helping women learn about and seek out antenatal care in order to set a good foundation for their baby's nutrition #MDGMomentum


Nutrition starts with a well-nourished mother who is able to eat enough locally available foods #MDGMomentum


Nursing mothers need a steady supply of nutritious food to continue exclusive breastfeeding #MDGMomentum


#WorldVision are supporting caregivers who know the right quality & quantity of foods to give to children to help reduce stunting #MDGMomentum


#WorldVision are helping Mother's support groups to provide good nutrition counselling, including breastfeeding knowledge & practices #MDGMomentum


#WorldVision are helping health workers provide counselling to prevent disease, along with training of mother's support groups #MDGMomentum


Newborn mortality accounts for 44% of deaths among children under five globally. It doesn't need to be this way #MDGMomentum


Newborn deaths result in 2.9 million lives lost each year. This can change #MDGMomentum


Another 2.6 million babies die in the last 3 months of pregnancy or during childbirth (stillbirths) #MDGMomentum


Global progress in preventing newborn deaths is hindered by inadequate investment, leadership and accountability #MDGMomentum


Ensuring newborn health is part of the #Post2015 health agenda is critical #WHA67 What do you think? #MDGMomentum


As we enter final push to achieve #MDGs - reducing newborn mortality is important challenge that needs to be faced #MDGMomentum


The empowerment of communities through women's groups has been an important way to address #maternalhealth #MDGMomentum


Families and communities should feel empowered to raise their voices about their right to quality #healthcare #MDGMomentum

Today more than 1,600 children under the age of 5 will die from diarrhoea-related causes. Take Action RT and share #MDGMomentum


Diarrhoea isn't a laughing matter. Today over 1,600 children under the age of 5 will die from it. Take a stand  #MDGMomentum


Fact 1: Malaria kills thousands of children each yr. Fact 2: The shocking part is that it is entirely preventable #MDGMomentum


Fact: the majority of deaths from #TB are in the developing world. It is a disease of poverty. #TakeaStand #MDGMomentum


Since 2000 remarkable gains have been made against malaria &TB. But this progress has been uneven among and within countries #MDGMomentum
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